'Pokemon Go' News & Update: Niantic Hints Of PvP & Trading Updates; Enhancements Possible Soon

By Carrie Winters - 16 Feb '17 17:56PM

"Pokemon Go" just had its Valentine event. The event made users get more of the pink Pokemon and the event is only for a limited time. However, there are updates coming up for the game.

According to a report, Niantic's John Hanke hinted of updates coming up for "Pokemon Go." Hanke shared that PvP and trading are both coming in for the game. These two were already in the game in the first place but Niantic is looking at fixing these features.

The gym battle in "Pokemon Go" is also set to be enhanced in the future. Hanke also noted that there will be new features in the future and this may include more interaction between players within the game.

A report also indicated that there may be Gen 2 Pokemon added to "Pokemon Go." Niantic is also looking at giving out more events for players of the game this year. It may be that there will be more of Pokemon catching as the year progresses if Niantic organizes more events for the popular game.

Although Hanke hinted of future updates for "Pokemon Go," there have been no specific dates mentioned as to when these updates will take effect on the game. The game is still popular among gamers at this time since it was launched in July 2016.

Meanwhile, the Valentine event for "Pokemon Go" recently launched and it gave fans a look into the Pokemon characters and the possible enhancements there may be to the game. The players believed that the egg hatching categories for the game will be upgraded soon.

The observations came in right after the players joined the Valentine's Day "Pokemon Go" event. Players discovered that there were some Pokemon characters that improved the level of hatching eggs to 2km. egg category. In the meantime, Equally, Pinsir and Scyther have moved the category from 10km to 5km.

These are the latest hints for "Pokemon Go" improvements.

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