'Electric Dreams' News & Update: Amazon Picks Up Philip K. Dick's Novel, What We Know So Far!

By Carrie Winters - 16 Feb '17 18:01PM

Amazon has picked up the anthology series "Electric Dreams" by Philip K. Dick. The series is from Sony Pictures Television produced by Bryan Cranston and Ronald D. Moore as showrunner.

According to a report, the series was once set up in May on UK's channel 4. "Electric Dreams" is an adaptation from the novel by Philip K. Dick who also authored "The Man in the High Castle" that also streamed on Amazon.

"Electric Dreams" will soon stream on Amazon and will have 10 episodes. Cranston is set to star in an episode of the series aside from co-producing the show. Moore is one of the main writers of the series and will work with Michael Dinner.

Aside from Moore and Dinner, Ree Dees is also set to write one episode of "Electric Dreams." There is no set date as of yet for the series to air. This is one of the high-profile series that had been aired overseas before it landed a U.S. show.

"Electric Dreams" is an added show for Cranston. He already did an Amazon series titled "Sneaky Pete" last month. Amazon is set to bring in the latest series and it may bring in high ratings. The Man in the High Castle had high ratings and concluded last year on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Dick is known to writing great sci-fi novels. There are already a number of his novels that have been adapted for television and film. Some of his works include "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" that was made into a film titled "Blade Runner. He also wrote "We Can Remember it For You Wholesale" that was adapted to "Total Recall."

There are other films based on Dick's novels like "The Minority Report," "The Adjustment Bureau" and "A Scanner Darkly." Electric Dreams is also the latest one to be adapted and will soon be streamed on Amazon.

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