'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 78 & 79 News & Update: Tournament Begins, Will Majin Buu Win?

By Carrie Winters - 15 Feb '17 05:30AM

The Universal Arc happens in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 78. The tournament of different universes will be witnessed by many in the upcoming episode.

According to a report, Goku is responsible for the tournament in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 78. It is hinted that he may regret what he has decided I the first place. The universal tournament will destroy any universe that will lose. This means that out of the 12 universes there only will be one that will win. It will leave the 11 universes destroyed.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 78 has every character in battle. They fight with their very strength in order to save their own universes. This event gives Goku something to ponder about since he was the one who made a deal with Zen-Oh to have the Tournament of Power.

The fight in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 78 started with Buu and the red wolf Basil. The tournament has been witnessed by many and this has just been the beginning of the biggest tournament in the Dragon Ball universe. Goku and Gohan needed to keep the rules of the game a secret. Zeno announced that any universe that will lose will be erased from existence. This is not a joke for all since everyone is protecting their own universes.

This arc is hinted to be a long one since there are 12 universes that will fight. Meanwhile, Majin Buu will carry the weight of the fight for Universe 7 in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 79. The entire universe will expect him to win to save them as a whole.

Majin Buu is to take on a fight with Basil from Universe 9. The fight between Universe 7 and universe 9 is the first fight for the Tournament of Power. There is no clarity yet as to who may win the first battle. One thing for sure is that both universes will do their best in order to win.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 79 airs on Feb. 19.

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