Keanu Reeves Hints Of The Plot For 'Bill & Ted 3,' The Pair Is Our To Save The World

By Carrie Winters - 14 Feb '17 18:05PM

Keanu Reeves recently hints of a "Bill & Ted 3." It is hinted that the film will have Bill and Ted in their 50's and still trying to make their own song as was left from the original franchise.

According to a report, Reeves recently guested at a show and talked about the upcoming "Bill & Ted 3" film. There have been talks before that the film will have a sequel. However, it did not happen then. This time, it looks like the adventures of Bill and Ted are here again.

In the show where Reeves had been a guest, he talks about plots for the new film "Bill & Ted 3." He hints that Bill and Ted are in their 50's and they are both married. They have kids and are facing all the challenges that a married man can have.

Keanu Reeves also notes that the writers of "Bill & Ted 3" have a story to tell about  the characters in their old age. It is hinted that the film will to focus on the song that was supposed to save the world. However, they have not written it before.

This time, they need to finish the song so they can save the universe. There is a person from the future that will appear in Bill & Ted 3 and will help them go back on track to be able to finish their song. It is going to be saving the universe for the characters in the sequel.

Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves will star with Alex Winter in Bill & Ted 3. They are both in their 50's and the script is timely for them and the storyline. There had been hints of the sequel for the film in the past years and there had been several delays along the way.

This time, it looks like "Bill & Ted 3" is on its way.

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