Louisville Kentucky Had 52 Overdose Emergencies In 32 Hours; What Caused The Spike?

By Carrie Winters - 14 Feb '17 05:30AM

An overdose emergency spiked up in Louisville, Kentucky last week. There have been 52 overdoses reported within 32 hours.

According to a report, there had been calls for an emergency on overdoses on the week prior to the last. However, it has spiked up the number of overdosed victims within the same 32-hour time frame. Prior to last week, there were only 25 overdose calls within 32 hours. The following week, the calls went up to 52 within 32 hours.

There are several problems from different states on opioid overdoses. There are reports that at least 14 people died due to overdose on these drugs. For Louisville however, it still is being examined on what are the causes of the overdose calls especially that it went so high during the past week.

A report indicates that when there is a call of emergency for overdose, it usually means heroin. However, there are also other factors like alcohol and prescription medication. In the latest overdose emergency, 34 patients out of 52 were transported to a hospital.

These transported to hospitals are said to be using heroin and so is the cause for the overdose. There have been higher rates of people that use heroin these days. This is the reason why overdose calls are getting higher in number.

Meanwhile, the spike of overdose last week in Louisville may have been caused by a synthetic opioid fentanyl. Officials note that the drugs on the street are already fentanyl mixed with heroin instead of heroin mixed with fentanyl.

These mixtures of drugs are the main cause of overdoses lately. It has an alarming number in just a few days. In the same report, Nathan Johnson shares that he tried to get the drug that he thought was heroin. He took a few shots and was found on a bathroom floor.

The rampant overdose due to opioid drug needs to be taken seriously and officials need to do what they need to do.

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