'Lucifer' Season 2 News & Update: Warner Bros. Face Lawsuit For Series' Soundtrack; Faces Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

By Carrie Winters - 13 Feb '17 05:30AM

Warner Bros. is facing a lawsuit right now for the "Lucifer" theme song. The copyright infringement lawsuit is filed by the composers of the song used in the series.

According to a report, The Marderosians are the ones who filed the complaint against Warner Bros. It is indicated that the musicians who also work under the name of The Mardos and Heavy Young Heathens were approached by composer Marco E. Beltrami in October 2015.

It is indicated that Beltrami approached The Marderosians since he has not been able to capture what Warner Bros. and NS Pictures wanted for the series "Lucifer." The Marderosians agreed to help in the composition of the song in exchange for co- writer credits.

In the meantime, it is stated in the lawsuit that Beltrami failed to inform Warner Bros. about the deal he made with the Marderosians. The complaint states that Beltrami then owned the composition and all the credits for the "Lucifer" theme song.

The Mardos notified Warner Bros. regarding the complaint that they have against Beltrami using the song, but it is indicated that Warner Bros. continued to use it for the series "Lucifer." Warner bros. is now facing a lawsuit for copyright infringement while Beltrami is being sued for fraud. The full complaint can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, Lucifer is on its second season and the upcoming episode of the series will air three months from now. Episode 14 was supposed to air on Feb. 6 but has been halted. The series will have a break for three months. The upcoming episode will resume on May and it will be titled "Candy Morningstar."

The previous episode of "Lucifer" Season 2 had Lucifer travel to Hell. He needed to find an antidote for Chloe who had been poisoned and in danger. It seems that Lucifer is to go back to Hell again this time it may be his grand revenge.

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