'American Idol' News & Update: In The Works For A Revival On NBC; End Seems Temporary?

By Carrie Winters - 10 Feb '17 05:30AM

NBC is in the works to revive "American Idol." In fact, the network is in talks with Fremantle Media so to get the show to air.

According to a report, Fremantle Media has pitched a proposal to NBC in order to revive "American Idol." The network is looking at options on how to get the singing competition a slot for the show. It may be that The Voice will be cut off to one run per year instead of two.

It can be recalled that "American Idol" ran in Fox for 15 seasons. The singing competition started to air in 2002 and has been the highest rating television show for eight consecutive seasons. This happened in 2003-2004.

"American Idol" may have ended the last season last year but Ryan Seacrest hinted that the end of the singing competition then may be temporary. The singing competition may have ended but creator Simon Fuller has been optimistic on getting the show a new home. In fact, fuller hinted that it may look differently when it returns.

It is reported that Fremantle Media has been shopping for a new home for "American Idol" and NBC seems to be a good fit. There are talks in getting the show in NBC but a deal is not in place yet. It is a possibility that the long-running singing competition may finally land its place in NBC.

Meanwhile, as much as American Idol's ratings had been high from the start, in the later years of the show the ratings declined. However, it still gained followers and viewers enough for the show to continue.

American Idol's decline of ratings may have been the reason for Fox to end the season. This time around if the singing competition finally returns, it will be in a different network. There may be changes that fans can expect once the deal between NBC and Fremantle Media takes place.

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