'Pokemon Go' News & Update: More Pink Pokemon Can Be Collected During The Valentine's Day Event; Candies And More Up For Grabs

By Carrie Winters - 09 Feb '17 05:30AM

"Pokemon Go" is having an event for Valentine's Day. This event is a way to celebrate and reward fans of the popular game.

According to a report, there have been several events that "Pokemon Go" delivered to fans. This time another event is dedicated to fans of the game for Valentine's Day. This special event for the game will enable users to get more candies and also get to have the chance to find the pink Pokemon.

This event for "Pokemon Go" as a celebration for Valentine's Day is giving out several pink Pokemon like Clegable, Chancey and more of the characters.This new event is a way for fans to enjoy the game and the same time the occasion.

This new event from "Pokemon Go" will begin today and it ends on Feb. 15. Niantic always announces their big events for the game weeks prior, but this time it did not have any early notice for the Valentine event to begin.

When Niantic started "Pokemon Go" last year, it went on to be popular worldwide. Then later on the game has been given special events each time there is a special occasion. Each event gives the users a chance to gather more Pokemon along the way.

Meanwhile, more perks are up in the "Pokemon Go" Valentine Event. The Lure Models will last for six hours. This is an advantage since it lasts 12 times more than the 30 minutes that they are active. The event is made possible by Niantic for "Pokemon Go" users.

Valentine's Day is not just for lovers it is also for "Pokemon Go" users who have been fans of the game since it launched last year. Fans can expect to get several pink Pokemon popping up most of the time and it can add to the collection of the other characters.

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