12th 'Dead Sea Scrolls' Discovered In A Cave In Israel; More Explorations To Follow?

By Carrie Winters - 09 Feb '17 05:30AM

A cave in Israel that once held "Dead Sea Scrolls" are discovered by researchers recently. This I said to be the 12th cave of this kind and is considered to be a milestone according to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

According to a report, the cave existed long before it has been discovered. However, inside the cave are signs that this cave held the "Dead Sea Scrolls." Oren Gutfeld, an archaeologist, and director of the excavation shares that this is the 12th cave that held the Dead Sea Scrolls. There had been 11 caves discovered in Qumran and this new discovery is an additional one.

 The researchers found several jars that may have held the "Dead Seas Scrolls." There were also pottery, flint blades and arrowheads found in the same cave. This is indeed some indication that the scrolls existed in this cave a long time ago.

A report indicates that in the 1940's teenagers discovered a cave on the hills of Wadi Qumran on the Judean Desert that contain ancient "Dead Sea Scrolls." Since then there have been several caves in Qumran that have been discovered to hold these scrolls.

The "Dead Sea Scrolls" are ancient collections of writing that held the oldest biblical manuscript. In the latest discovery of a cave to hold the scrolls, Gutfeld notes that at the end of their search there has been no scroll found but the team found a piece of parchment in the cave. This undoubtedly may have been a place where these scrolls were hidden.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the researchers believed that the "Dead Sea Scrolls" in the cave may have been stolen in the 1950's. This is the reason why all they can find was the remnants of the scrolls. It is noted in the same report that there needs to be more exploration with the caves nearby and maybe they may contain more ancient scrolls.

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