'E-Cigarettes' Can Cause Health Problems According To Health Officials; Ban Of Use In Enclosed Places Pushed

By Carrie Winters - 11 Jan '17 07:01AM

Health officials recently released the risks that are associated with using "e-cigarettes." It is also reported that vaping is not a always the beginning of smoking cigarettes.

According to a report, the risks included in using "e-cigarettes" are death, nicotine dependence and of chemicals that are harmful to the body. The information on the risks has been taken from unbiased study and research.

Chief Medical Officer for the Tennessee Department of Health, Dr. David Reagan, shares that the products that are associated with "e-cigarettes" are known to have certain health impacts. He adds that there is little control on e-juice and on the device itself.

A different report indicates that the National Park Service wants to ban "e-cigarette" from national parks. The new ordinance is to not smoke e-cigarettes in enclosed places like restaurants and visitor centers. The report also states that "e-cigarettes" can be dangerous to a person's health.

E-cigattes is most especially dangerous to the health of the young people who are mostly using the device. Spokesperson of the National Park Service states in the same report that the banning of e-cigarette is the same as banning cigarette smoking in enclosed areas. It is also added that the regulations are updated in a way that a new device is added to the existing rule about smoking.

Meanwhile, it is reported that vaping or using "e-cigarettes" is not a gateway to start smoking tobacco cigarettes. It is indicated that current users of e-cigarettes does not guarantee that they also will eventually smoke tobacco cigarettes.

As of this time, there is no evidence that vaping can lead to smoking cigarettes. It is stated that the ones who may smoke cigarettes eventually are those already have tried to do so. It is not a guarantee that from e-cigarette a person will move on to cigarettes.

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