Where Is Sasha Obama? The First Daughter's Absence In President Obama's Farewell Speech Explained

By Marguerite Chang - 11 Jan '17 05:29AM

Now that the US President Barack Obama had delivered his last speech as President, people are wondering where Sasha Obama was. Everybody saw the First Lady, Michele Obama and Malia but Sasha was nowhere to be found.

A lot of people looked for Sasha and wondered why she wasn't able to attend her father's farewell speech in Chicago. According to reports, a White House official was quick to explain that Sasha did not join the family and stayed in Washington D. C. as she needed to prepare for an exam the following morning.

When the cameras panned towards the First family, people started wondering why the 15 year-old Obama was not with the rest of the family. When President Obama gave an emotional tribute to his wife Michele, their eldest daughter Malia, who is now 18 years old, shed emotional tears with how her father honored her mother.

During the time that President Obama honored Michelle, she received a few standing ovations. And towards the end of the tribute, people started to tweet with hashtag #WhereIsSasha. Understandably, people wondered why the family wasn't complete especially as this was the President's last speech before turning over the reins to Donald Trump.

There were a lot of speculations as to Sasha's absence - from the touching to the most absurd. There were theories on Twitter that Sasha was in the White House "hopefully blocking the driveway."

It was not only Michele that the President honored but he mentioned his daughters as well. He shared to the public how proud he is of his "smart and beautiful" daughters. He also mentioned about their thoughtfulness and how they are full of passion. Part of the speech of President Obama said that "Of all that I have done in my life, I am most proud to be your dad."

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