'Dragon Ball Super' Latest Spoilers, News & Update: A Baby Saiyan Arrives; Gohan Continues To Enjoy Being A Star

By Carrie Winters - 11 Jan '17 05:30AM

The upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" are speculated to reveal more familiar characters. It also is hinted that the anime series will feature also the arrival a baby Saiyan.

According to a report, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 73 focuses on Gohan who becomes a movie star. He plays dangerous stunts for the said movie which is being starred by Bryan Kaan. Right after the main actor for the movie backs out, Gohan takes on the lead role.

This episode is filler for "Dragon Ball Super" before it eventually moves on to a new arc. The Universal Survival arc is next right after the fillers are done. This new arc will feature a tournament from different universes.

The arrival of a baby Saiyan is set to be introduced in the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episodes. Goku will train with his friends in the episodes to come. In episode 75, Goku will take on Gohan. The latter will be the Great Saiyanman in this episode.

In "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 76, Krillin is set to be Goku's next training partner. It is hinted that the two are to train under the Turtle Hermit in this upcoming episode. The training includes for these two characters to find a Paradise Grass Herb in the forest.

As they move on with the training, they find Frieza, Majin Buu, Cell and other enemies that Goku had fought with. "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 77 on the other hand is to be a life changing one for Vegeta and Bulma.

In the meantime, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 74 is going to still focus on Gohan and his being a star in a movie. He continues to do his own dangerous stunts in the movie which is going to be explored in episode 74.

Meanwhile, right after these filler episodes, the Universal Survival arc is set to follow. At this time, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 74 is set to air on January 15 while episode 75 will be on January 22. It continues with Episode 76 which is set to air on January 29 and Episode 77 on Feb. 5.

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