Scientists Found A Way To Keep Skin Youthful; Anti Ageing & Scar Minimizing Discovery Key To Wrinkle Free Skin?

By Liwen Sun - 09 Jan '17 09:18AM

Scientists recently found a way to regenerate fatty cells in order to take away wrinkles. This is not only for anti-ageing it also can minimize scars.

According to a report, lack of adipocytes is one of the reasons why wrinkles stay on a person's skin. This new discovery can make a person wrinkle free and it also will include taking out of scars. The adipocytes are lost when scars are form or if a person ages.

The studies showed that hair follicles are the reasons to keep the skin scar-free. It also keeps the skin smooth by releasing a molecule that is called Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP). BMP can transform myofibroblasts, which are commonly found in healing wounds, to become adipocytes.

Scientists have finally found a way to manipulate healing of wounds so for the skin to regenerate. The chairman of the Department of Dermatology and Professor of Dermatology at Penn, Dr. George Cotsarelis, shares that the first thing to be done is to regenerate hair follicles first.

The fat will regenerate as a response to the signals from the hair follicles that are being regenerated. The hair and fat regenerate separately. However the regeneration of hair and fats are not happening independently. The hair follicles form first followed by the fats.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the new discovery can be a way to treat anti-ageing. This may even make a person wrinkle free. To move on to the research, Cotsarelis and his team will work on the mechanism for hair follicle regeneration next.

The U.C. Irvine Lab will also focus on examining other aspects on cell reprogramming in skin wounds. The research continues and as of this time the new study can be effective to take away scars and wrinkles. In the future, anti-ageing can be raised on to a whole new level.

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