Blizzard's 'Overwatch' Has New Map 'Oasis'

By Maria Follet - 09 Jan '17 22:16PM

There is something new to Blizzard nowadays that will surely excite players of "Overwatch". This is because a new map is just freshly released, particularly its patch notes. Xbox One users and PC gamers will be able to use the latest update of Blizzard's "Overwatch" being the only thing of the game that has undergone changes by far.

According to an article published by the Express, the Oasis map enables a player to explore a very advanced city in the middle of the deserts of Arabia. The place features more of human's greatest achievements in the future such as their inventions since Oasis is more science-bound.

What makes Oasis more enticing is that it has a very great world: unique governance involving Ministries, individuals having excelled in their respective fields, as well as organizations that are holding power around the world.

Aside from those, it is also reported at Polygon that the presence of jumping pads of Oasis will add more thrill to gaming, along with the city's traffic that will bring danger to the players.

Express' same article featured the statement of the game's director Jeff Kaplan where he expressed thanks to the fans of the game for its continuous and unwavering support to the game, waiting its latest updates, and the others.

Kaplan assured fans that the first month of this New Year will give a bang to players through the new map Oasis. Again, only PS4, Xbox One, and PC users will be able to play this game. How about the characters of the game? Will also be there some changes or additional ones?

Kaplan had already teased about their plan in adding more heroes for players to play with and it is said that they would pursue it this year. According to International Business Times, he detailed that in every season of the game, there will be updates of the "Overwatch" just like maps, heroes, and others.

The article published at IBT furthered Kaplan's statement about ensuring the quality of the content before releasing it to the gaming community.

Nowadays, Kaplan's team is  focused on developing more maps to "Overwatch" as part of their regular updates of the said game.

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