NBA News And Updates; Cavaliers Finalizing Deal To Get Kyle Korver; Video Of Korver's Reaction Here

By Marguerite Chang - 06 Jan '17 05:30AM

It seems that the trade is not all empty talks as rumors have it that Cleveland Cavaliers has gotten the upper hand as they have acquired the services of Kyle Korver. Although the Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks are still finalizing what the terms will be, but sources say that Korver has been traded already.

With Korver's trade, the 2018 first round pick will see Mike Dunleavy Jr. going to Atlanta. Cavaliers, with Korver's presence, will benefit from the players shooting average - in 32 games for the season, Korver has averaged 9.5 points and has shot 40.9% all with in the 3-point range. This is especially important now that J.R. Smith is out of the running because of his thumb injury. He is expected to be out of commission for the next 2-3 months.

To add the rumors about the trade, Korver did not play for the Hawks against New Orleans even if he is still on the roster of players. Sources told ESPN that Mike Dunleavy and Mo Williams are part of the deal and Atlanta and Cleveland look for possible options including a team that can take Dunleavy.

Korver was part of the 2015 All-Stars and now once he adds 48 three-pointers, he'll be the fifth player in the history of NBA to get 2,000 under his belt. The deal may not yet be final yet and there's no ink on any contract just yet but it seems that it is a done deal already.

Sources say that there are more deals that will be coming as there are multiple teams that are involved in the trades. Korver has said in the video below that he is going to miss the people from Atlanta as he has a lot of relationships that he has 

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