Experts Say Too Clean Ears Bad For The Health; Suggests Not Using Cotton Swabs; Not Cleaning Ears Even Better?

By Carrie Winters - 05 Jan '17 05:30AM

Experts are recently suggesting to not clean the ears using cotton swabs. In fact, a report indicates that it is best to not clean the ears at all.

According to a report, the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Foundation has updated their guidelines. The guidelines include personal ear care. It is indicated that earwax and cerumen are natural substance that the body produces.

These help in cleaning and protecting the ears. These substances act as a self-cleaning agent to keep ears healthy. Dirt and dust stick to the earwax so not to go deeper into the ear. In this way the ears and the person is kept away from infection.

It is also reported that the guidelines include how to prevent impacted earwax. This is a condition of the ear which is characterized by a painful build-up of the earwax. The best way to prevent this condition is not to clean the ears and leave it as is.

People mostly believe that earwax is a sign of uncleanliness that is why majority clean the ears and this is usually with the use of cotton swabs. Actually the wax that is built up can protect the ears from certain bacterial and fungal infections.

Meanwhile, it's also reported that individuals can just leave the earwax to clean it naturally. The jaw movement can help out in taking the earwax all by itself. However, for those that already have impacted earwax, using of cotton swabs is not advisable.

This may cause the cotton swabs to push the earwax further to the ears and may cause further infection. This may be harmful to the eardrums. It is also best to seek professional care if one has impacted earwax.

It is also indicated in the guidelines that too much cleaning of the ears may not be good for the health.

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