ZTE Unveils Hawkeye And Blade V8 Pro; Hawkeye Boasts Of Eye-Tracking Feature And Self Adhesive Case

By Marguerite Chang - 05 Jan '17 05:30AM

Chinese giant ZTE has introduced the newest babies - Blade V8 Pro and Hawkeye. The two new smartphones were unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas. Blade V8 Pro is the first of their Blade line and the Hawkeye is the phone that ZTE has crowdsourced - a name they solicited from 540 submissions from the netizens.

Hawkeye is priced at $199 and is the first crowdsourced phone of ZTE. This is also unlocked so it can be used by any service provider. One of the notable features of Hawkeye is the Eye-Tracking feature. This will allow the pages to scroll up and down depending on the movement of the eyes.

If you are tired of using selfie sticks, the Hawkeye also comes with a self-adhesive case. Just stick the phone on any flat surface and it is good to go. This is optional, though, but the possibility of enjoying the camera without holding the selfie stick is a good incentive to go ahead and purchase one.

Hawkeye has other features like the 5.5" FHD display, fingerprint sensor, dual rear cameras and expandable memory. It also runs on Android Nougat OS and can be upgraded to the latest versions. ZTE is still developing the phone and consumers can expect it to be available in the market by the third quarter of this year.

Another ZTE phone that has been showcased is the Blade V8 Pro is also unlocked and comes with a dual camera, 5.5" display, and the fingerprint sensor. The phone boasts of two 13 MP rear cameras. According to Lixin Cheng, CEO of ZTE USA, they are launching the Blade V8 Pro in the US and other parts of Europe and Mexico because of the "growing consumer demands".

With ZTE's two new phones, they are hoping to cut the market of the other big players. Will Hawkeye's eye-tracking feature bowl the consumers?

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