Fire Caused 'Titanic' To Sink? New Documentary Shows Iceberg Wasn't The Reason Of Tragedy

By Carrie Winters - 04 Jan '17 19:13PM

The "Titanic" has been hailed as the largest ship ever built. There is a new revelation that the cause of the ship's tragedy may have been fire.

"Titanic" has collided with an iceberg at high speed 104 years ago off the coast of Newfoundland. However, a new documentary indicates that the largest ship may have sunk due to a coal fire in the ship's hull.

It is reported that a 30-year research by Senan Moloney about the Titanic contends that a fire from the three-story high bunker which is next to the ship's boiler rooms damaged the hull. It is added in the report that the fire has been known but was not hyped. The ship was not supposed to make its maiden voyage at that time.

According to a report, the fire weakened the Titanic's structure. However, the iceberg accident has been more of an impact since the fire has not been known all along. This report has made even clear because of the black mark from the ship side. There have been photos taken at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Northern Island.

These photos were taken by John Westbeech Kempster in the beginning of April 1912. This has been a week before the Titanic was to set its maiden voyage to New York City. This album has been put auctioned off in 2012.

Meanwhile, another report indicates that the fire started 10 days before "Titanic" is to set sail. The fire continued as the ship made its voyage. Researcher Ray Boston shares that the ship traveled so fast in the night and met the tragic accident because of the fire.

Boston also added that the "Titanic's" owner hoped to dock in New York and disembark all the passengers before the ship totally caught fire. So it traveled at high speed until it collided with an iceberg. The accident has been tragic for many.

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