'SpaceX' Ready To Do A Rocket Launch This Month; Falcon 9 Set To Carry Iridium Next Satellite

By Carrie Winters - 03 Jan '17 19:09PM

"SpaceX" is finally going to do a rocket launch on January 8. This is the next launch right after the Launchpad exploded in September.

A report indicates that after several delays, "SpaceX" has finally set a date to do a rocket launch. There are already preventions so not to repeat the explosion that happened prior to this launch. In this rocket launch, a Falcon 9 is set to carry an Iridium Next satellite.

This is going to be launched into space and will be coming from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. "SpaceX" needs to make sure that this time the rocket launch will be successful so as not to repeat what happened in 2016.

It can be recalled that there has been an incident of an explosion when "SpaceX" did the rocket launch in September 2016. The investigation results conclude that the cause of the explosion was because of a failure of the pressure level.

 This pressure level has been found to be inside the second level of the liquid oxygen tank. The investigators concluded that the failure has been due to an accumulation of oxygen. This is between the vessel's aluminum liner and its carbon overwrap.

 Meanwhile, the rocket launch which is set to happen real soon is to carry a 10-pack of satellites. These are for Iridium Communications that can carry out communications including satellite phones. The communications can be done through a constellation of satellites.

It is indicated that Iridium plans to replace the existing 65 original satellites. They are to replace these with 70 new ones. The size of these new satellites is just like the size of the Mini Cooper car. These satellites are to be carried by the Falcon 9 for this rocket launch.

"SpaceX" is confirmed to be back in business and made sure that no explosions will happen again this time.

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