SpaceX 2017: Falcon Heavy To Be Launched In Mid 2017

By Maria Follet - 03 Jan '17 05:20AM

SpaceX has been very busy with the attempt on getting more reliable information from space through their rocket launches. They may not have been successful in launching 100% but some of it were able to make it last year. 

There are notable moments in SpaceX last year. 2016 may be a year of success and failure for SpaceX. Nevertheless, the company was still able to make satellites orbit the Earth at space through four rockets that were launched perfectly. Though the well-known explosion of SpaceX's Falcon 9 at Cape Canaveral set them back with more or less $60 Million.

This year, the company is becoming optimistic as they revealed one amazing plan: to introduce the people to the 'most powerful' rocket ever created by SpaceX.  Falcon Heavy is the latest creation of SpaceX. Falcon Heavy has twice the strength of any other rocket ships launched, thus, reflecting its expected gigantic size.

Imagine a Boeing 747 fully loaded with passengers and crew and other people - that is the approximate weight of Falcon Heavy. That alone can weigh to more or less 54 metric tons. The company describes Falcon Heavy as "Operational". The people behind the project is hopeful that there will be a successful lift up for Falcon Heavy.

A teaser photo of their most powerful rocket ever made was posted in the company's Twitter account. Some are already anticipating for a date of Falcon Heavy's launch this year. Originally set to launch last 2013, it seems that people will have to wait for a few months more as rumors say that the launch will be in the second or third quarter of this year.

People aren't just waiting for its launch date but everybody's hopeful that it will be launched successfully as well. Soon, the world will know how the "most powerful rocket" ever made by man my fare.

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