GoPro Updates 2017: Company Will Have 'Now or Never Opportunity in Gaining Back Sales Reputation

By Maria Follet - 02 Jan '17 17:43PM

GoPro has been one of the people's hot choices of gadgets last year. With its handiness and superb camera resolutions, GoPro has also become a traveler's buddy when going to places with picturesque sceneries.

However, GoPro's sales seemed to be struggling this recent year. Now, people will then wonder if this will still make it this year 2017. Let's have a look back of the stats. Not only the sales of the GoPro had acquired unfavorable impression, but delays of production were noticed last 2016.

GoPro's third quarter revenue fell to more or less 40%, based from what the company has reported. The company's forced recall on their particular products such as Karma had added to the bad statistics. of the company for last year.

As a result, GoPro Company has underwent streamlining activities, such as cutting 15% from the total workforce and even their entertainment division wasn't able to escape its fate of being closed down. The company is still looking for the fourth quarter figures as they planned to restructure, which will cost up to around $24 Million. Will GoPro be able to get back on its smooth track?

As for Brad Erickson and Elliot Arnson from Pacific Crest Securities, they see "improving" statistics for GoPro this year, when it comes to the sales of their cameras and drones. This will coincide with the company's self prediction of a double-digit comeback.

It seems that the company will have a rough start these six months. Christopher Chute from the IDC sees the predictions of bad statistics will only be reversed if the company will stop doing unnecessary actions like the establishment of an entertainment division.

According to a report from the Investors' Business Daily, despite the possible decline of the sales this New Year, the products of GoPro will still remain as one of the most well-known gadgets by the people. As what Tractica's Research Director Aditya Kaul had predicted, manufacturing companies like Samsung, Apple, Google, and Snap Incorporated will still be a preference among the buyers. With this, there is an implication that if GoPro won't be able to join them, it is really the end for the company.

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