Climate Change 2017: New Year Will Be The Third Hottest Year, Reports Say

By Maria Follet - 08 Jan '17 05:30AM

Expect a hotter 2017. In an article published by the International Business Times, Now, itseems that the global authorities are expecting a rise of temperature because of the said data. According to the forecast from IBT, people may experience a rise of temperature within the range from 0.63 Celsius to 0.87 Celsius. If this happens, 2017 will be marked in the history as the third hottest time in the world.      

Them forecast says that 2017 will be hot, but compared to the two previous years, this year won't be as hot as those years. Data from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) shows that from January to October 2016, it gained 0.55 Celsius. It is undeniably much higher than 2015's 0.46 Celsius. This made the said years hotter since 1880.

What is one of the gravest contributors to global warming? It's carbon dioxide. It comes from smokes and harmful gases created by humans. In a particular article from The Guardian shows a data regarding the rise of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. It is said that 45% of Carbon Dioxide is already mixing the air, thus contributing badly to the 1.15 Celsius of additional heat to the global temperature.

That was what Adam Scaife from the Met Office had predicted through the office's decades of temperature observation and analysis.  With more human activities around the world contributing to the worsening global warming, climate change becomes more evident this year.

At Forbes, it is said that mainstream media have always been denying and broadcasting very often the situation of Mother Nature nowadays. In the article of Michael Lynch, he tagged that media has a very powerful tool in shaping people's minds. He then expressed bad impression to the media, saying that it should be those media that must do everything to inform the people more about the issues of global warming in the world.

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