Steroid Treatment Can Decrease Possibilities Of Worsening Multiple Sclerosis?

By Maria Follet - 03 Jan '17 05:30AM

Multiple Sclerosis is a cause of worry among women aging from 20s to 40s, although there are men in their prime who are succeptible as well. Before, people having this serious illness still have to wait for a miracle since it was known to be incurable.

At a recent study conducted by the World Health Organization, Atlas MS stated that there are thirty out of one hundred thousand people who can possibly suffer this kind of sickness. Though it was just an estimated median for people who may have Multiple Sclerosis, this number can now be alarming to people in the medical field.

Innovation in technology has become more impressive and its pacing has becoming faster than before, given the increasing number of individuals with intelligence and potentials in the field of science. With this, finding the possible cure for Multiple Sclerosis becomes more important than ever before.

Multiple Sclerosis is said to be a progressive disease, which means that it goes to a series of stages through its development if untreated immediately. This disease mainly targets the nervous system of a person, thus affecting the immune system gradually.

Symptoms include physical weakness, tingling, numbness and blurry vision.In the later stages, problems in urinating, uneasy comprehension, and muscle stiffness can be expected. But today, promising reports about Multiple Sclerosis possible cure has been circulating around the world.

Steriods seem to be a possible solution to people who have Multiple Sclerosis. Steroid have components that will lessen the oxidative stress which contributes to the worsening of Multiple Sclerosis of an individual having it.

What is Oxidative Stress? It is actually a phenomenon where there is an imbalance number of free radicals and the body's function in detoxification. Free radicals, although some of those are having less yet good contributions to the body, are usually very damaging. Free radicals are best known to be a major contributor to a person's fast aging.

What happens during Oxidative Stress? When the number of free radicals outnumbered the antioxidants, which are the ones who will help detoxify the body, it can causes severe damage to areas of the body, thus making it a major contributor to Multiple Sclerosis.

And now, a steroid treatment was made to counter too much oxidation which resulted to the creation of more free radicals. It is said to help lessen the possibility of worsening the Multiple Sclerosis of a person. Mixed with effective antioxidants, this particular drug makes an effective answer to stopping MS.

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