Nanotechnology Can Now Harness Energy From Human Beings

By Maria Follet - 07 Jan '17 05:18AM

The term "Nanotechnology" may be a complicated field of study and highly scientific but it is present even in almost everyday products consumers use - even in cosmetics and other beauty products. If Nanotechnology is helping the world of beauty, imagine what it is capable of doing in the field of medicine.

Nanotechnology refers to using matter in simplified physical structures such as molecules and atoms in order to be functional. With the use of those molecules or atoms, particular goals such as making the hair straighter will be effective. When talking about making the skin smooth, nutrients may be added to those molecules through Nanotechnology. With that, the nutrients will be able to get inside their target cells easily.

And now, the time has come for the Nanotechnology to make impressive innovations not just for technological gadgets but to the medical field as well. The use of this technology has even dared to go into the world of energy. Who could ever imagine Nanotechnology's ability to utilize energy from human beings?

Nanotechnology is now beneficial in treating some malignant diseases such as fast detection of cancer cells. Reports say that Nanoscale Fluorescent probes are able to eliminate cancerous cells without touching the health tissues during operations. The harming of healthy tissues through extensive surgical operations is one of the surgeon's problems. Now with the use of that Nanoscale probes, they will no longer have a problem with conducting surgical operations.

Another discover about Nanotechnology's is that it can use the energy a person has to make an object functional without the use of any energy-aid objects such as batteries. An article revealed that Michigan University's researchers in the field of engineering had accomplished producing a nanogenerator that looks like a thin film. Through the use of these nanogenerators, and while touching them, it can operate an LCD screen as well as other things such as keyboards without electricity.

Indeed as time passes by, technology inevitably advances. The picture of the future when talking about technology may be blurred or very ambitious one to those successful men in science. 

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