Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) Project To Launch In 2018

By Maria Follet - 03 Jan '17 21:00PM

Attempts were made to find out if aliens really exist or if the unidentified objects seen here in Earth and even in the vast universe may just be ordinary things that are being thought of as something very extraterrestrial.

One of these is the much talked about Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence. This is one of the most promising new project for space explorers. This involves releasing signals for the aliens. Although this may sound weird to other people who are not hooked with these kinds of projects conducted by scientists themselves, but it is of very high interest anyway. It's hard to think that it's the Earth the only place in the universe that contained all forms of life, including humans.

How does this work? Scientists say that they will be transmitting signals for the extraterrestrials and they will be the one to make the move so that the search won't take long. However, possible danger for these transmission of signals is very possible, as what the scientists have been warned regarding this.

A particular author of a journal titled Nature of Physics named Mark Buchanan had proposed that searching for alien life may result to more danger instead of benefiting the men of science.

This has similar point to what Physicist Stephen Hawking believes in. He is telling everybody of the danger when transmitting the signals in the context of finding alien life. Extraterrestrial creatures may cause problems in the lives of people. In order to make the METI Project possible, scientists are raising more than one million dollars for the project. This ambitious project is set to take off in 2018.

How can this search of extraterrestrial life benefit the humans? One of the good points is that mankind will be able to know more about their existence and if aliens are indeed true. This is aside from the project METI's main goal of answering the question that has been hounding them - Are humans the only inhabitants in this universe?

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