‘WWE Royal Rumble 2017’: Will Fans See Triple H, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels?

By Jeff Thompson - 24 Dec '16 18:33PM

With "WWE Royal Rumble 2017" just a month away and has only confirmed names of Goldberg and Brock Lesner in the 30-man event. It is expected that the remaining names will be announced in the coming days including the superstars. There are reports suggesting the big names like Triple H, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels etc.

The name of Triple H in the Royal Rumble 2017 projection list is added considering the remarks of Seth Rollins recently. Since his rivalry with Triple H is known, it is believed that both will show up in the  Royal Rumble 2017, which would have setting up a bigger plot for WrestleMania 2017 match between both. The WWE was trying to fix a match between the two for a long time and the Rumble could be the perfect arena for that.

Similarly, The Undertaker also expected to make a foray in WrestleMania and before that he might try to make an appearance in Royal Rumble 2017 as a promo before the bigger match. In the case of Kurt Angle the story is slightly different, he showed an interest in returning to WWE arena in a recent Facebook session with fans. In fact, the rumors about his reentry has been in the rumor mill for almost a year and now it seems to become a reality. It is believed that he would participate in the Royal Rumble 2017 to set up a match with Lesnar in WrestleMania.

In the case of Shawn Michaels, he didn't deny his participation in Royal Rumble 2017. It was quite surprising when media asked about his participation in the show as usually he denies such questions, but this time he responded as if he is waiting for the invitation from WWE to make an appearance in WWE events. If everything works well, he might make a brief appearance in Royal Rumble 2017, in which he is expected to declare a match with Styles or others in WrestleMania.

The coming days would see the remaining 28 names for the Royal Rumble 2017 announced. It can be expected that Triple H, The Undertaker, and other superstars will be added to the list. Also, surprise names like Shawn Michaels would also make Royal Rumble 2017 a highly-watched event.

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