‘NES Classic Edition’ Stock Update: Try These Options To Get The Retro Console Before Christmas

By Jeff Thompson - 22 Dec '16 18:35PM

Since Nintendo introduced the NES Classic Edition in the market people were queuing up to get one, but many were disappointed. More than a month passed from its release but the story of it being  out-of-stock is not stopping. Considering the Christmas and New Year is fast approaching, people are really looking for NES Classic Edition either to use or to give as a gift, but it is not available.

For people who are unhappy about not availing NES Classic Edition, they can look for Meijer stores to get one. Keep in mind that there are only limited numbers of NES Classic Edition and whoever rush through, can get a console. If the stock is gone, follow their twitter account as there are chances that it might bring few more stocks considering the Christmas sale. It is highly likely that most of the people may not concentrate on the retailer and might miss their opportunity to get one.

Additionally, the major retail stores like Walmart, Target, and online retail stores like Amazon also listing the retro console in limited numbers as soon as they receive the stocks. Considering the demand there is no option provided to pre-order the console or any other special arrangement. However, the retail stores are found to regularly update their stocks on official their Twitter pages especially Walmart.

People who are staying in cities can try for Amazon Prime Now service to get an NES Classic Edition by ordering as soon as the stock is back. Another major option is by getting in touch with GameStop, as the gaming retailer is expected to receive a shipment from Nintendo and distribute by Dec. 23 and 24. Interestingly, Best Buy also getting few shipments intermittently with the lastest one received on Tuesday.

When all the retailers are struggling to meet the demand for NES Classic Edition, the secondary sellers are benefiting with the surging demand. There are listings on eBay and other marketplace sites with a price quote from $150 and above. The New Yorkers have a happy news that Nintendo store in the city has been selling the console directly to the customers on 21st and 22nd. Is the store planning to sell continuously until Chrstmas? Check it at Nintendo NY, Rockefeller Center, 10 Rockefeller Plaza.

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