‘Nintendo Switch’ News, Release And Updates: Huge Performance Difference While Docking And Undocking Noted, But It Is Better Than Wii

By Jeff Thompson - 20 Dec '16 07:21AM

The presentation ceremony of "Nintendo Switch" is declared to be on Jan. 13. Since it is less than a month away, more news about its release, performance and specs are coming out. By the latest update, it is reported that the device is showing sharp performance difference while gaming by docking to TV and undocking.

The performance difference is noted in the developers testing which showed that while docking with TV the portable gaming console has almost doubled the performance comparing to when it is undocked. Nintendo Switch is shown to be 40 percent slower while undocked comparing docking to TV.

The performance difference in the case of Nintendo Switch is found to be due to the difference of graphic processors used in the console. It is reported that the device is fostered with two graphic processor performance and while it is un-docked the NVIDIA Tegra GPU is showing at 307.2MHz processor speed and when it comes docking to TVs the processor clocking is getting doubled to 768MHz, so there is a sharp difference in the performance is marked while Nintendo Switch is used.

The amphibian console can be used in TV as well it can be used as a portable device similar to Wii and 3DS. Though there are not many competitors in portable consoles, Nintendo Switch would really struggle against docked consoles in terms of performance and specs considering the strong competition from PS4 and Xbox One. Interestingly, both PS4 and Xbox One is superior to Nintendo Switch in terms of performance and the Switch is not expected to capture that market.

Nintendo Switch has got huge expectations from the fans since its announcement considering the usability and uniqueness of the console. The release date of the device is expected to be March 12 for North America. It can be considered as a bid of Nintendo to get back to strong gaming console industry, which is currently ruling by Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox. But, it has to travel much from Nintendo Switch to achieve those feet.

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