Donald Trump Won The Electoral College: What Is The Future Of The Electoral College With The Incoming US President?

By Archer Ferguson - 19 Dec '16 23:20PM

Comes January 20, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th US President of the country. The remarkable point in this election is the high number of "Faithless voters" in the Electoral College in American History.

Process Disruption

In several States, protester successfully disrupted the Electoral College but delay got prevented as the election official were able to do something about it in Wisconsin. Activists in Texas also tried to sway the elector of the next US President with a statement, "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You."

Democratic activists were on the go in persuading the Republicans and the rest of the country to turn their backs from Donald Trump. After the election, there were protests in major cities in the country, then it was followed by an online petition calling the Electoral College electors to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Electoral College Results

After convening in their respective State Capitals, the result was tabulated. Across the country, there are 538 electors that choose the next US President and Vice President. Hillary Clinton got 227 over Donald Trump's 304 from the Electoral College.

The "Faithless Voters" numbers surfaced in the process. Four Democratic electors voted for other candidates and not their standard bearer Hillary Clinton. There is also a number of Republican who voted against Donald Trump.

Responding to the Electoral College result, the incoming US President Donald Trump said, "I will work hard to unite our country and be the President of all Americans." The Fate of the United States for a new leader is finalized.

Abolishing Electoral College

Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a Democrat said, "This was a very difficult decision made this year. There is great angst abroad in the land." In modern time, most politicians no longer favors the indirect election process in choosing the next US President.

The next administration will work on it closely, and relatively point out the necessity to abolish the process. If a unified opinion is carried out by lawmakers, then the next election will be a direct democratic process in choosing the next US President.

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