'The Big Bang Theory' Season 10 Spoilers, News & Updates - Spinoff Series on the Work, How A Newborn Will Affect The Show

By Ileen Jasmine - 19 Dec '16 12:57PM

"The Big Bang Theory" winter finale was one of the show's best episode to date. As expected, the show will have more material for the fans on the upcoming episodes.

The show is currently on a quick winter break before returning back on air with its remaining episodes for season 10 by January of next year. But before that, fans are excited to see whether a spin-off series for the show is actually happening.

According to reports, The Big Bang Theory will be getting a retro flashback spin-off series. The spin-off is said to revolve around a young Sheldon Cooper residing in east Texas.

The description for the character reads: "Socially awkward. A once in a generation genius. He lives in East Texas, although he has chosen to have no accent. "Short-tempered, outspoken. Confident in his intelligence to the point of arrogance. He doesn't make friends easily or at all. He struggles to read social cues and adhere to social protocols."

Back to the show's winter finale, Bernadette finally gave birth to Halley Wolowitz (named after the comet, of course). The show's executive producer, Steve Molaro spoke about Halley in a recent interview with Glamour Celebs. "I had been leaning toward [the baby] being a girl and that she would sound like Mrs. Wolowitz as a tribute to that character and to Carol Ann Susi," said Molary.

He continued "It just seemed so sweet, and what an awesome tribute and a way to keep the flavor of Carol Ann alive in our show. It just seemed to all make sense to us." In another interview with Hollywood Reporter, Molaro spoke about how a newborn could possibly affect the show, in which he said:

"It'll certainly have the greatest impact on Bernadette and Howard from all the typical things like lack of sleep to everything else. As far as the show goes, it's going to open up doors to more stories without drastically changing the DNA of what Big Bang Theory is."

Do you think baby Halley will affect the group in a possible way? Comment your thoughts below!

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