US Senators Call For Probe Of Cyber Attacks By Russia: Could They See The Possibility That Other Countries Are Breaching US Security?

By Archer Ferguson - 19 Dec '16 04:23AM

Prominent US Senators both from The Republican and Democratic Parties are calling for a probe of the alleged Cyber Attack brought by Russia. This special bipartisan panel is the first since the US Election.

By January, the United States welcomes the new set of leaders in the US Senate. Senate Democratic leader is Charles Schumer and Republican John CcCain is the Chairman of the Armed Service Committee. Both of them will lead a probe on the alleged Cyber Attack hacking emails of the Democratic Party.

New York Senator Schumer said, "The fact that they're hacking our political system and trying to influence the outcome, as it seems to be, that is serious, serious stuff." In line with this, he in support with Arizona Senator McCain, Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Lindsay Graham from North Carolina sent a letter of request for a special panel to Senate Leader Mitch McConnel.

They wrote, "Cyber security is the ultimate cross-jurisdictional challenge, and we must take a comprehensive approach to meet this challenge effectively." There is no response yet with this communication.

China and Iran

The current situation the United States is facing is multiple threats to security. Because of Donald trump's deal with the "One China Policy", China sent a signal that there will be a severe Global Crisis coming. They may not be clear if its economic sabotage or military confrontation, or through the war in cyberspace.

Meanwhile, the United States also have a long history conflict with Iran. On March 2016, the Obama Administration faced several issues of Cyber Attack blaming Iranian hackers. There are still possibilities that it can happen in the near future.

Cyber espionage is the most anticipated new war that can happen in the world affecting the economy and the rest of the world's dependence on communication and technology. If this happens to the United States, affected with Cyber Attacks, it could mean the fall down of a great nation.

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