Apple 'iPad Pro 2' Release Date Latest News & Update: Specs, Features And Everything That We Need To Know!

By Carrie Winters - 15 Dec '16 16:40PM

There are reports that Apple will launch the "iPad Pro 2" which is rumored to replace the iPad Air and iPad Mini. This latest device from Apple is said to have three different variants.

A report indicates that the "iPad Pro 2" will have the 10.9 inch variant. This may mean that the home button will be taken out for the latest Apple device. There is also the 7.9 inch variant which is the same size as the iPad Mini.

It is rumored that it will all be the "iPad Pro" line for Apple moving forward. It is likely that the iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 5 are not to be launched anymore. Additionally, it is also hinted that there is going to be a 12.9 inch model for "iPad Pro 2."

Additional rumors indicate that the "iPad Pro 2" is going to have an all new processor. It is presumed that this device is going to use the A10X Fusion. This processor is said to be a huge upgrade from the current A9X being used.

The new "iPad Pro 2" is also rumored to have the OLED display. The display is going to be a big leap from the current IPS LCD being used by Apple with its other devices. These new devices that come with the OLED display are more likely to have a power saving battery life since the OLED display comes with its own light.

Meanwhile, the storage for "iPad Pro 2" is expected to be the same as the ones available now for the latest Apple devices. This latest device also is said to come with the Rose Gold design which is already available in most of the Apple devices.

There is less definite information of the "iPad Pro 2" at this time. However, rumor has it that the device will be launched in March 2017.

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