Global Crisis: US Automakers Troubled For Chinese Retaliation; Is This The Effect of Donald Trump's Remarks Against China?

By Archer Ferguson - 15 Dec '16 06:42AM

US automakers located in China are speculated as targets of the Chinese Government retaliation. President-elect Donald Trump did confront China with the "One China Policy" and instead provoked the US-China Relation.

Upending the four decades and a half of US-China Relation in the means of selling off "One China Policy" leads to retaliation through economic sabotage of American investors, and in particular, they are starting with the US Automakers.

The communication between Presidents of the United States and Taiwan is an out of protocol diplomacy in a Presidential level and could entirely stain the US-China Relation. After which, informal talks came out that when Trump is President he plans to increase a 45% tariff on all Chinese imports.

US Automakers Plight In China

China gave the signal that US Automakers are sanctioned to pay fines for Price-fixing. The monopolistic behavior of this unnamed company did not clearly adhere to Chinese statute. However, the rumors about fining the company are informal as there is no official statement coming from the Government.

Donald Trump is reminded by this action that China too got strong cards to play this game of the US-China Relation and the US Automakers are the first few to suffer the consequences. There might be other countries who can save the US Automakers come forward North Korea or Taiwan, still, there is no guarantee that this solves the problem.

Global Crisis On The Way

Most of the Countries around the globe consider China as their major partner in a trade that helps their economy. There might be no intervention from other countries as the military confrontation can lead to a global crisis.

There are no official statements or talks about the US-China Relation nor it tackles the issue of the US Automakers. "China welcomes foreign companies, including American ones, to invest in and operate in China. At the same time, they must respect China's laws and rules. This point is very clear," said Geng Shuan from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

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