Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron James' Home Court To Undergo $140M Arena Renovation

By R. A. Jayme - 14 Dec '16 05:48AM

The Cleveland Cavaliers' home court is apparently getting a massive and ultra-expensive renovation.

Quicken Loans Arena or otherwise known as Q, the home court of NBA superstar Lebron James and downtown home of the NBA champions since 1994, will undergo a $140 million makeover project as announced by the Cavaliers on Tuesday.

The Q annually hosts an average 200-plus events. The Republican National Convention was held there in July. The arena needs an exterior face-lift and massive interior upgrades for better accommodation and attract future events, as the Cavs and Cuyahoga County officials want to pursue, as reported by Fox8.

Based on the proposal, the Cavaliers extended their lease to 2034 and will pay $70 million. The remaining balance will be paid by the county to improve the arena. Despite the upcoming renovation, The Q will remain open, which is slated to begin in 2017 and take approximately two years to complete.

As reported by the NBA, part of the renovation includes modernization of the building with a glass front and additional public gathering spaces along with food and beverage areas.

After its completion, the Cavs hope to host the NBA All-Star Game which apparently they have hosted the event in 1997. "The NBA is very supportive of the Quicken Loans Arena transformation project which we believe will greatly benefit the entire Cleveland community," league deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum said. "We understand the impact this project will have in continuing the great momentum we have all seen recently in the city.

"We look forward to holding our week of NBA All-Star events in Cleveland in the near future following the successful completion of The Q transformation project."

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