'The Bold and The Beautiful' December 12 To 16 Spoilers : Eric Makes A Big Decision Which Affects Everyone

By Maria Follet - 09 Dec '16 23:11PM

"The Bold and The Beautiful" brings fans another week full of action for December 12 to 16. The camera turns its focus on Eric, who has most of the theories all about his next moves.

In the daily spoilers for "The Bold and The Beautiful" episodes next week, Eric certainly has a lot on his plate. Most of these are for his plans of manipulating others so he can get approval of his decisions. His return to Forrester made a lot of people happy, however, it was immediately cut short. And because he has decided to leave, he appoints several people to man several posts.

For one, he appoints Quinn to become the president of Forrester Creations, while Rick and Ridge both take the vice-president position. Meanwhile, Wyatt takes on the head of press relations post. Liam also convinces Steffy not to take the CEO position, however, Steffy follows her intuition and accepts the offer. Meanwhile, Nicole also accepted a position in the Forrester Creations so she can keep herself busy and so she can take her thoughts away from Zende. 

While things are going tough and heavy for Eric, there are also other characters who are going through some ordeals. Brooke will defend Rick from Eric. The Forrester mansion will also get a full renovations after all the changes the family have to encounter in the coming days. In next week's episodes, Katie will also discover some of Quinn's bad side. This will make her decide not to get involved with Quinn in any way possible.

Because of learning about Quinn's dark side, Katie is afraid that Eric might also be up for something. Liam also tries his best to warn Eric about Quinn's intentions but it might be too late before Eric realizes everything. "The Bold and The Beautiful" airs from Monday to Friday on CBS and POP, at 1:30 PM and 6:30 PM respectively.

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