‘Nintendo Switch’ News, Release And Updates: It Comes With A USB-C Cable And More Games Added; See The List

By Jeff Thompson - 06 Dec '16 06:51AM

The latest news regarding "Nintendo Switch" suggesting that the handy gaming console is coming with a USB-C port. The device which is having a release date in March is getting more games added into it. Now, it is reported that the developer THQ Nordic has confirmed two franchise developments for Nintendo Switch, but did not mention the names.

With Nintendo Switch, the developer is planning to look for the future and that is what can be said about the USB-C port and cable. It is expected that USB-C would feature in most of the future devices by replacing the USB-A and USB-B ports. It should be noted that according to USB revisions, USB-A or USB-B could only provide a maximum speed of 10 GBPS and is not bi-directional possible. But, in the case of USB-C, it provides 40 GBPS speed if Thunderbolt 3 is used and it is bi-directional as well.

Nintendo Switch is additionally getting new games into its platform. Day by day new developers are joining with their games. Recently Ubisoft has shown interest to join hands with Nintendo Switch and it is in the development of games for the platform. Now, it is reported that THQ Nordic is reportedly developing 2 games for Nintendo Switch. Originally known as Nordic games, the developer is best known for the game Titan Quest and MX vs. ATV franchise.

It should be noted that the developer has five games declared for 2017 release. Though THQ Nordic has not confirmed the titles for Nintendo Switch, it can be concluded that any two games from the five are getting the development for Switch. Simultaneously, it should also work with the already released games and make it available for Nintendo Switch along with backward compatibility from Wii U.

The expectations regarding Nintendo Switch is growing day-by-day as more developers are pitching into the platform. The coming days would see detailed news regarding new games and device details like USB-C confirmation. The media event on Jan. 13 will have more details, features and updates about Nintendo Switch confirmed along with its release date.

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