‘Westworld' Theories Episode 10’ Spoilers: Final Episode ‘The Bicameral Mind’; What Will Happen To Dr. Ford? William Is Man In Black?

By Jeff Thompson - 02 Dec '16 06:15AM

"Westworld Episode 10", the final episode of the series will be shown this coming Sunday. There are a number of theories yet to be revealed in the coming episode, "The Bicameral Mind". It includes what happens to Dr. Ford, the seemed villain of the series. A recap of the previous episodes shows that many of the theories have been revealed in the recent episodes.

Since the season ends with Westworld Episode 10 all the theories are expected to be revealed to in the episode. The final episode of the sci-fi thriller is to see whether Bernard commits suicide or not. The recap of episode 9 showed that Bernard became rebel as previously predicted, but Dr. Ford re-coded him to commit suicide. If it is stopped by someone like Maeve, what role Bernard would take at the end of Westworld?

Other theories to be revealed is what would happen to Dr. Ford and Delos Corporation as Ford and Delos are responsible for the crimes and wrongdoings inside Westworld Park. Still now, there is no clear mention about the outside world, and if there is a sudden connection is made to the world, what course of law it will abide by? If the outside world needs a grand introduction, will it be pushed to Westworld season 2?

There are also theories suggesting Man In Black is William, it is expected to be confirmed in Westworld Episode 10. What portions of the theories will be unanswered in the final episode of Westworld that can be explained in season 2? What happened to Elsie is expected to answer in the episode, if she is killed, more revelations and what caused her death are all will be explained. There are theories that she might have killed by Bernard on the order of Dr. Ford.

For the time being, the theories can say that Westworld Episode 10, would have Dr. Ford being punished or killed and Delos Corporation might be taken by the law of outside world. It is yet to see whether there is a real villain behind the scenes, would be revealed in the final episode of Westworld. All the puzzles and theories need to be answered apart from the ones leading to Westworld season 2.

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