'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Spoiler: Have You Heard About Necrozma?

By Jean Paula - 02 Dec '16 05:43AM

Niantic has been so successful after the recent releases of the popular mobile game, "Pokemon Go," and the newly released installment of Pokemon, the "Pokemon Sun and Moon." With all the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" spoilers circulating over the internet, seems like the update on Necrozma will be the best. 

Probably, not all players of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" have visited the Poke Pelago, even though there have already been a lot of surprises revealed about it days after the actual launch of the event. In addition to the rumored "Pokemon Star" compatible with the soon to be released Nintendo Switch, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" introduces Necrozma, to get your nerve into this game. 

Tech Mic revealed that the best and most surprising secret that has to be revealed regarding the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is the existence of Necrozma. Along with other Pokemon Legendaries like Solgaleo (a Sunne Pokemon) and Lunala (the Moon Pokemon), Necrozma will consist the third legendary for the Alola Region. 

According to Australia Network News, Necrozma is a "deep underground and has the ability to refract light." There are no any other specifications that have been mentioned about the Pokemon Necrozma, but fans are expecting to receive more updates on it soon. 

Aside from Necrozma, other spoilers and leakages that have been released regarding the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game include the presence of Tristan in during the Elite Four Rematch Battle. While Tristan will be encountered in the early part of the game, the image of being just an innocent young boy will change, given that he has reached the level of being part of the Elite Four. 

Meanwhile, "Pokemon Star" has not yet confirmed by Niantic. Just a month ago, rumors circulated online that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will be renamed for its version compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

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