'One Piece' Chapter 848 Release Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Is Pudding Running Away? What We Know So Far!

By Carrie Winters - 02 Dec '16 05:00AM

Pudding is about to betray her mother for the sake of Sanji in "One Piece" Chapter 849. It is also speculated that Big Mom is going to be dead soon in the upcoming chapters of the popular animated series.

It is reported that Sanji has been begging for his release towards Big Mom in "One Piece" Chapter 848. Luffy and Nami are still captured and must find a way out. As they remain in prison, somebody visits them who further becomes their ally.

Pudding, in the meantime, has asked to be taken in to Sanji's prison cell. The guards let her and she approaches Nami and Luffy. It seems that Pudding has a plan which may have her in great danger in the anime "One Piece."

It seems goodbye for Luffy and name as Pudding bid farewell to the two of them. She expressed that she is not moving on with the marriage even though Sanji already proposed to her in "One Piece" Chapter 848.

This news from Pudding has left Nami and Luffy surprised. In the meantime, Brook and Pedro are off to set out their plan in stealing the Poneglyphs in "One Piece" Chapter 848. As their plan moves on, Charlotte informs Tamago that someone is inside the treasure room. Tamago then asked them not to kill the intruder so that they can have him presented to Big Mom.

Meanwhile, as Luffy and Nami are in prison, Big Mom asks them about Lola. She said that Lola has done a mistake from the political marriage that was set up for her. This betrayal made Big Mom mad at Lola in "One Piece" Chapter 848.

At this point, Sanji is still wondering how his friends are. He still hopes that they are safe. He also needs to find a way in order to free Luffy and Nami in "One Piece" Chapter 848. It is highly anticipated how these characters plans are going to turn out. The events are about to unfold this week.

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