Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Guide: New Shortcut to Evolve Pichu to Pikachu and Alolan Raichu

By Mara T - 02 Dec '16 03:00AM

A new shortcut has been discovered to maximize the happiness of Pichu and Pikachu in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Usually players will have to walk the Pokemon with them, use them on battles, and interact with them to effectively ready them for evolution but not anymore. A new method has been discovered and players online have tried and tested it.

The Shortcut to Maximize the Happiness of Pichu and Pikachu

The easiest and possibly the fastest way to maximize the happiness of a Pichu and Pikachu is to get them to Poke Pelago and head to Isle Avue to access the hot spring. By leaving Pichu and Pikachu there, their happiness increase on their own while players gets to continue on the game's story. Based on reports, leaving them there for one day greatly increases their happiness. Extending it for another day will probably max the happiness already. All the player needs to do now is to get them to the right level and the evolution stone to successfully evolve Pichu or Pikachu.

How to Get to Poke Pelago in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"?

Getting to Poke Pelago is very easy and a player just needs to go through the game's story to get their access. And as soon as the player receives Charizard on their Pokemon ride pager which is when they finish the quest at Wela Volcano Park in Melemele Island. This island is the first area that players will explore so they should be able to receive Charizard on day two or three of playing.

Other Pokemon That Can Have Max Happiness in Poke Pelago's Hot Spring

Aside from Pichu and Pikachu, Munchlax and Eevee can also be left in the hot spring to increase their happiness in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". Unfortunately, the rest of the Pokemon will not have the same effect as these three have.

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