'Samsung Galaxy S8' Leaks, Specs, Rumored Price: 'Samsung S8' Promises Superb 'Selfie' Camera

By Maria Follet - 02 Dec '16 05:22AM

Leaks of Samsung's S8 is getting a lot of positive feedbacks. Business analysts say that the company is building their 2017 flagship smartphone to a whole new level to make up to this year's loss.

The leaks are quite impressive, Forbes says. This time around, the company has focused on the details on their front and back cameras. The report points out that Samsung S8 will have a front camera that has the same abilities as what the rear camera has: speed, accuracy, and superb autofocus abilities.

On Samsung's previous flagship smartphone releases, it was noted that they have maintained the five-megapixel standard quality for the front camera. However, they have constantly improved their back camera which made Samsung as the best smartphone which holds the best photo quality among all of the other smartphone brands available today.

Express Co. UK is saying that this promising Samsung S8 leaked feature will boost sales for the company, especially from selfie lovers worldwide. According to sources from Korean news site ET News, "People are starting to take more selfies and number of demands for cameras that take selfies with higher qualities is increasing."

Aside from the edgy front camera, "Samsung S8" leaks also boast major upgrades in the phone's hardware. The leaks suggest that the new Samsung model which will be released next year will also have a very powerful processor. Rumors say that it can store up to 256GB of internal storage and runs with a 6GB RAM.

In terms of its screen size, Samsung makes the S8 a little bit bigger - 5.7-inch screen size. S7 only has 5.1-inch screen size. Meanwhile, the "Samsung S8" Plus model will have a 6.2-inch screen size. Samsung is expected to introduce the final look and specs of Samsung S8 by February. However, the release might take a little bit longer as the company is now doing their best not to get the same problems they incurred this year that made them to recall their Note 7.

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