'Battlefield 1' Gameplay, Updates & Price: 'Giant Shadow' DLC Out By December; EA Confirms No Release Of New 'Battlefield' For "A Couple Of Years"?

By Maria Follet - 02 Dec '16 05:47AM

EA just recently confirmed that they will not release a new "Battlefield" game version in the coming years. However, EA developers say they are now focusing on "Star Wars Battlefront 2".

According to Video Gamer, this detail was confirmed by EA's chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen during the Nasdaq 35th Investor Program on Wednesday. It is too early to say what year the next "Battlefield" game release will be as the first installment has just been released last October. EA has not set any announcement about the future of "Battlefield", except for its expansion packs.

PC Advisor notes the different retailers online where "Battlefield 1" fans can get the game. It is available in different prices at the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Amazon, GME and Origin. However, its standard price is placed at $56 on PC and $62 on PS4 and Xbox One. There's also a collector's kit available at $256 which contains the following: exclusive cloth propaganda poster, exclusive SteelBook, collector's edition statue, messenger pigeon tub, a deck of playing cards, an exclusive patch, and exclusive DLC content packed in a premium package.

According to the report, "Battlefield 1" gamers can expect to get the free "Giant Shadow" DLC pack by December this year, just a few days before the paid DLC packs and patches are to be released. Meanwhile, the first paid DLC packed is named as "They Shall Not Pass". Right now, there are no details divulged yet by EA about what this paid DLC pack is all about.

However, rumors say that it will contain the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of Somme. It is expected to be released by March next year, however, rumors say that it will be first released to gamers who have the season pass which costs approximately $51. The paid DLC pack is also rumored to contain multiplayer maps which will be very helpful for constant "Battlefield 1" gamers.

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