AMD Zen News & Update: New Processor Will Be Introduced On December 13; Better Than Intel In Price And Performance?

By Sam Will - 02 Dec '16 05:00AM

AMD Zen will soon be introduced in the AMD's upcoming live online event. There are rumors that the anticipated CPU will be a big threat to Intel when it hit the market.

AMD is planning to hold a live online event on December 13 PST where they will give the public a sneak preview of the anticipated Zen CPU. In the said event, one will be able to try the CPU's capabilities.

AMD stressed that the event is targeting serious gamers. Participants can expect guests and giveaways during the event. The video game media figure, George Keighley will be the host per Top Tech News.

The Gamers Drop added that the upcoming AMD event is named "New Horizon." It will happen in Austin, Texas at 4 p.m. Keighley will test AMD Zen Summit Ridge processor along with Peter Dager.

The new AMD chipset is expected to amp up the competition against Intel. The latter has already built its name in the chipset industry. In fact, majority of the computers and laptops in the market are using Intel. However, its rising competitor, AMD is a threat to Intel.

Per News Factor, AMD Zen will arrive with improved power usage and better caching. The new chip's enhanced architecture can handle 40 percent more instructions per clock compared to Excavator x86 core.

AMD Zen will also introduce a new cache hierarchy and simultaneous multi-threading. The new chip will also correct the previous mistakes in the AMD lines.

Aside from the said features, AMD's CPU is more affordable compared to Intel. For instance, the Summit Ridge CPUs is only half the price of Intel's comparable processors. Thus, the competition between AMD and Intel will likely be tough.

The anticipated Zen CPU is set for release in the first quarter of 2017. More information is expected to leak as we near the event. So, stay tuned for more news and updates about AMD's upcoming event and products.

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