SpaceX News: Final Report On Falcon 9 Explosion Ready By December; Next Launch Scheduled?

By Sam Will - 02 Dec '16 03:00AM

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has gotten into a controversy after the rocket explosion last September. The company is already in its last stage of investigation and will be releasing their last report this month.

Three months ago, SpaceX Falcon 9 exploded where it destroyed a $200 million satellite owned by Israel's Space Communication Ltd. All the SpaceX launches are on hold while the authorities investigate the cause of the explosion.

The company wants to operate again so they are planning to give federal authorities a preliminary investigative report pointing out that the fueling procedure was the likely cause of the explosion per the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, aside from the reports claiming that a breach in the helium system caused the explosion, there are rumors that the Falcon 9 explosion is also caused by SpaceX's rival. Per Natural World News, lasers or drones caused the explosion.

Elon Musk's SpaceX Corporation is planning to resume launching before the year ends. "We're finalizing the investigation and its accompanying report, and aim to return to flight in December," SpaceX spokesperson said.

The report stressed that a similar incident happened in another unmanned Falcon 9 in 2015, where it exploded two minutes after blastoff. A preliminary report was handed to the federal officials in November 2015 and SpaceX resumed launches the following month of the same year.

Thus, if the preliminary report for the September Falcon 9 explosion will be handed to the federal officials soon, SpaceX might resume their launches before December 2016 ends. In fact, the company is already scheduling their next launch.

According to Reuters, SpaceX is planning to launch Falcon 9 on December 16 as confirmed by Iridium Communications Inc. The launching will include 10 satellites on board.

If the fueling system is really the culprit in the last explosion, this time many are confident that SpaceX is more aware of its process. "We are confident that SpaceX understands its fueling process now and will do it successfully for our launch," said the Iridium spokesperson.

It is still not final as to when the final SpaceX report for the Falcon 9 explosion will be handed to the federal authorities. However, it will likely happen prior to their scheduled launching with Iridium Communications Inc.

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