A Look At ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Regalia; Find Out How To Get The Regalia Type-F

By Shor M - 02 Dec '16 03:20AM

Square Enix recently released “Final Fantasy XV” and thousands of avid players are still exploring the new video game. An official walkthrough has not yet been released but fellow fans of the game franchise are helping out and sharing their tips on how to get the most out of the game.

One of the many things to enjoy in the “Final Fantasy XV” is its vehicles. The new RPG game has the slick four-wheel drive, Regalia. But like any other “Final Fantasy” video game, there is also an airship available in the game. But this time, the Regalia itself can transform into one, specifically a flying car, and it is called Regalia Type-F.

The Regalia is the main transportation Noctis and his gang will be using in the entire game and it is pretty useful. Square Enix artist Yusaku Nakaaki says the vehicle is crucial in the game and especially convenient with the actual placements of roads placed all over the world map, unlike in other ‘Final Fantasy’ games. The idea behind making a flying car, the Regalia Type-F, is actually a result of all the feedbacks Square Enix got, saying avid players want the traditional airship in the game.

Here is a quick guide to getting the Regalia Type-F, which according to Nakaaki was actually based on a real airplane. Getting the airship extension for Regalia will be a breeze but the thing is the game has to be cleared first. Aside from that, there are only two things to do in order to acquire it.

The first thing to do is to wipe out three of the Empire of Niflheim’s bases. After completing the game, the locations of these bases would be easy to find and they are pretty noticeable on the map as huge gray blocks. An item is rewarded every time a base is taken down.

Second and the last thing to do is to talk to Cindy, who is located in Hammerhead. Remember the items unlocked every after a base is annihilated? Give these three items, which happen to be unique car parts, and Cindy will install them. Afterward, she will hand over the Regalia Type-F.

Though the Regalia Type-F can be used to fly above anywhere in the world map and into the skies, its usage is limited depending on the terrain on the map but it pretty much can go anywhere. The airship can only land on roads as well. But with this new upgrade, more areas can be explored and it means secret dungeons and more side quests to explore the world of "Final Fantasy XV".

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