[UPDATE] Yuri On Ice Episode 10 Early Preview; [PREDICTION] Yuri Learns A New Routine?! [WATCH HERE]

By Jayde Winston - 01 Dec '16 21:56PM

Yuri On Ice Episode 9 is a battle of emotions between Yuri and Yurio. With Yuri placing fourth and was able to book a spot for the Grand Prix Finals, Will Yuri top and bag his first gold?

Now that the Rostelecom Cup is over, and Yuri goes to the Grand Prix Finals, fans are expecting big things from Yuri On ice Episode 10. Although Yuri's performance was a bit slumpy, he manages to place fourth. What's incredible about him placing fourth is that he was able to book the last spot for the Grand Prix Final, and he manages to do it without Viktor who's probably his strength every time he performs.

Yuri always talks about Viktor every time he performs, and the thought of Viktor not around to support him opens up a new opportunity which enables him to stay confident and strong. Yuri On Ice Episode 9 shows how Yuri realize that he is a force to be reckoned and can win gold in the Grand Prix Final.

On Yuri On Ice Episode 10 the contestants spend their short break before competing in the Grand Prix Final. The previews showed that Yuri and Viktor visiting Yuri's former coach and his friend Phichit. Rumors state that Yuri and Viktor might be practicing together with Phichit, and Yuri's previous coach was able to strategize on how to defeat Yuri.

But, predictions about Yuri On Ice Episode 10 states that Yuri might be learning a new choreography, and performs his deadly weapon "the quadruple flip." To recall, Yuri performed the quadruple flip back on episode 8 which failed due to lack of practice. Viktor was surprised about Yuri's brave act and stated on the interview that Yuri can now do the quadruple flip.

Yuri On Ice Episode 10 will surely be exciting. The upcoming episode might be a filler one, but rumors state that a big revelation is bound to happen on Yuri On Ice Episode 10. For the meantime, watch the sneak peek for Yuri On Ice Episode 10.

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