'South Park' Season 20 Episode 9: "Not Funny" Spoiler

By Mary Lourd - 01 Dec '16 21:36PM

South Park was back on the screens this week with the one before the last episode of this season. South Park Season 20 Episode 9 is entitled "Not Funny." Many assumed that the show wraps up on a Hilary Clinton's victory. The episode clearly portrayed the damage that may have done to the society. The previous two episodes confirmed on the theory with a twist of reality. This week episode focuses on a different plot. and somewhat the idea is recycled for this episodes.  

The trolls were held being locked up in the room and was been dictated to listen to Rick Astley as they opened their briefcase at the end of the episode, and the church references felt a big conceited risk more than anything else. The Same plot will revolve in this episode. They were trapped in a room and a movie began playing. This will reveal that Gerald was behind the skunk hunt account.

The whole episode was leading up to the interactions with President Butter Garrison whether he will pursue bombing Denmark. Mr. Slave's return will appear good use of his soothing character. The decision would be so that because if Garrison does not drop the bomb in Denmark, the trolling will simply be useless because the World War 3 doesn't start yet. The Member Berries main agenda is to start the World War 3. Perhaps, the Bedranger and the Member Berries are working hand-in-hand to start the war.

Heidi is helping Cartman to get to Mars, along with the rest of the world. The Butters and Cartman relations appear to be stronger. Cartman doubts about how funny and smart Heidi to thank the Butters since she didn't even solve the problem. But she actually did. However, it appears that Cartman wasn't happy at all. She doesn't have to find out who Cartman is, and that makes him unhappy even he is now on Mars. It is very Cartman-esque to self-sabotage on the word of Butters.

This episode featured some funny and notable conversations between Butters and Cartman. Next week's finale will get away from this vanity.


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