[UPDATE] Dragon Ball Super English Dub Version Release Date; New Arc Unveiled; The Hit Saga A Filler Episode? [WATCH HERE]

By Jayde Winston - 01 Dec '16 21:10PM

There are numerous rumors circulating Dragon Ball Super and its upcoming episodes. Facts stating that the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episode 69, 70, and 71 are all part of Dragon Ball Super's filler episode. Since the creators of Dragon Ball Super have not confirmed any allegations towards Dragon Ball Super's new arc, what should fans expect?

Previous reports state that Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 will embark a new arc for Dragon Ball Super. The arc entitles as "Goku's Assassination" bringing Hitman Hit as the assassin hired to kill Goku. Although fans concluded that Hit will be the next protagonist on the upcoming saga, the creators have not confirmed such rumors.

According to some sources, Dragon Ball Super "The Hit Saga" is only part of the filler episodes. The real arc for the Dragon Ball Super franchise will focus on Gohan and Trunks and their battles. Also, Goku was reported to again undergo training after losing battles without Vegeta.

With an overwhelming fan base, Dragon Ball Super have received, it is not the first time the anime series have received multiple allegations towards its plot and storyline in general. Furthermore, the tension regarding Gohan's return is increasing since it will be the first time fans will witness the character in battle.

Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Super English Dub Version was announced to be released January 2017. The complete cast was named, and some of them are actually part of the previous franchise Dragon Ball Z. The release is only set for Southeast Asia and India as of the moment, and later then expand throughout USA and Canada. The first teaser for the English dubbed version of Dragon Ball Super is set to be released December 17th.

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