‘Nintendo Switch’ Release, News And Updates: More Games Added As More Developers Join; Includes Ubisoft

By Jeff Thompson - 01 Dec '16 17:39PM
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  • (Photo : Kevork Djansezian/Getty) The major game developers including "Ubisoft" is reported to be very serious about "Nintendo Switch" integration.

Nintendo fans will be happy with the news that the upcoming "Nintendo Switch" console is getting more games into its platform. It is confirmed that a number of game developers decided to support the gaming console. With the release of Nintendo Switch, Ubisoft will bring its games and Stardew Valley from ConcernedApe will  also be available.

Nintendo Switch is expected to be released in March 2017 and the console is expected to be a handy device and at the same time giving real gaming experience. Xavier Poix of Ubisoft is very happy about the device and said that he is very enthusiastic to support the device. "Users can play the games in Nintendo Switch while they travel in the bus and if they reach home they can connect to TV and continue the game makes the device highly handy," he said.

Similarly, Stardew Valley was previously released only on Steam and was not made available to any consoles. But, this time the developer has decided to make it available to Xbox One and PS4 along with Nintendo Switch. The Xbox One version will be released on Dec. 14 and PS4 version will be made available on Dec. 13 in North America, whereas other countries will get it on Dec. 14. It is reported that Nintendo Switch will receive the game during its release in March.

Another game that is reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch is Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+. Though it is not confirmed by the developer of Binding of Isaac, it is said that the game would be made available on PS4 and Xbox One in 2017 along with another prominent console. This indication can be specific to Nintendo Switch, as it is expected to be the device of future gaming and an important release in 2017.

Nintendo has confirmed that more game developers have shown interest to come to Nintendo Switch and started working on games ahead of March release date. There are news reports that the device is coming with a price tag around $200, according to a UK-based online retailer. The retailer has started accepting pre-order for Nintendo Switch with March 2017 as the release date.

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