'The Ellen DeGeneres Show': Never Have I Ever Revealed Jennifer Aniston's Mile High Club Confession

By Mary Lourd - 01 Dec '16 21:05PM

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jennifer Aniston revealed she is the new member of the prestigious Mile High Club. In DeGeneres' Never Have I Ever game, the actress admitted. Then, TV host shared the same experience, to boost the Office Christmas Party actress' enthusiasm for the game.

On Wednesday, the 58-year-old talk show host handled to clutch some information out of the 47-year-old actress. Both did not closely hesitate on the secret-sharing game.

"Since we're friends I thought we should play Never Have I Ever. I know pretty much a lot about you, cause we're friends. But I thought, you know; let's share other things with other people! First one, never have I ever joined the Mile High Club," the talk show host asked.

Aniston and DeGeneres proudly raise their signs which read "I have," but the actress claimed to have joined the Mile High Club in the cockpit with the pilot, and the co-pilot. After the pretty revelation, the TV host asked if the actress ever had sex on a plane while having a mini bag of peanuts. She replied that it would be just disgusting.

Viewers got a shifty idea the actress is not taking the game seriously, but it was the best round of the game people have witnessed in a while. Aniston also spilled her romantic Thanksgiving surprise. Her husband, Justin Theroux, who has been away for almost a year and came home from Germany to surprised her. They were together just for a week because the actress is planning to visit London for work and the husband is completely booked.

The actress is currently promoting her comedy movie "Office Christmas Party". The movie will be released on December 9.


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